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The Boy tested for and earned his yellow belt, this morning. I am pretty proud of the runt. So is he judging by the victory dance he has been doing since.

Got mixed answers about mounting the SPD cleats to my road bike shoes and the -now discontinued old style metal- 105 pedals to the cranks on the CR1. Took it all to the local bike shop after the testing, today, to sort out.

“What is this, official bike day?” came a voice behind me. I turned around to see one of The Boy’s sensei behind me. He was in to pick up a very nice new hard tail mountain bike for his oldest daughter as his younger daughters fawned over it. Then my kids saw him and thought it was cool meeting him in there.

As the sensei and I talked, our kids all started looking at skateboard decks. And since the mechanic refused to charge me and The Boy’s birthday is coming up, I bought the one the kids all thought was the coolest. The Boy can have it and share it with me so I can try to break my wrists.

And then I rode twenty miles home in intermittent sprinkling rain and noticed I had forgotten to close my front brake after re-mounting my wheel. Doh! No concrete improvement in speed, but my knees like the new pedals much more than the cheap clips and straps.

Pictures of kickin’ rad skateboard once built.


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Well…that’s a thing



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Guessing Game

While grilling with a friend on a hot day, last weekend, we had a few drinks. And I still had a little bit of the last fun money for the season. And impulse ordered a thing.

It is blue.

It is noisy.

The delivery man will be confused.

See if you can guess what it is before it arrives. No prizes because I am broke. No that there would be if I wasn’t. But think of the prestige!


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Public Service Announcement

A toaster-ovened piece of leftover loaded pizza and can of Genny cream ale makes a pretty nice nightcap to the end of a rough work week.

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*Dingding* Tanker Coming Through

Free watah tank, ayup:


If I wasn’t broke, I would be tempted to make the smoker a permanent bike-trailer mount because race smoker.

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Add a water tank to the brace of propane tanks.

It will become a vertical smoker and my propane tank will become a big charcoal grill mostly identical to the one for my friend.


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I don’t know

My road bike now has an odometer. And trip meter. And clock. And speedometer. And timer. And calorie output. All in one wireless computer. Because it is ABSOLUTELY VITAL that his information be in sight at all times while riding. For reasons.

No, I don’t know the reasons, either.

I’m a nerd.

Don’t judge me.

At least I don’t have Lycra bibs…



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