Yup, Work

The roof and floor of the old treehouse need replacement and the walls are meh at best. New plan to just frame and roof a new coop and side/floor it with factory boards a cousin is always trying to unload.

Most likely overhang the rear of the roof to keep external access to the laying boxes dry when opened and place a cover to a feed chute that keeps a framed-in gravity hopper topped up. No final plans for a waterer, but it will not be automatic and will probably be made from a bucket. I have a spare length of gutter and a plastic water drum kicking around possibly tie into it.

Then the real work of fencing the chicken run. I hate fencing. Especially digging a foot deep trench to angle out the bottom to discourage things burrowing in. May go colonial and just stab a dense wall of trimmed saplings in the ground for a stockade wall for the run and call it good enough :v

And no real plan for rodent discouragement beyond airgun with range card of the yard to keep them from crowding in.

All while planning and starting the year’s garden. I know we want shallots/garlic/potatoes-in-tire-stack/tomatoes/bell peppers/squash so far. And building two cornhole sets, a couple washers sets, a brace of laddergolf sets, finalizing the backyard airgun backstop, and building a new deck table. And then I am taking the summer easy because to hell with more projects, I have bikes that need riding, mountains that aren’t going to hike themselves, and a river to jump in. Well, may make a couple pallet chairs for the fire pit.



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2 responses to “Yup, Work

  1. Doubletrouble

    Ever have any luck with the taters in tires trick?
    I tried it for 3 years running with no good outcome; got some, but only at the bottom.
    I’ve since reverted to sticking them in the ground- seems to work.

    • Middling. Mine turned out better than in the poor soil of my yard and I hope a load of good loam does better yet. My father had no luck and got a handful from his attempt and now just plants a bunch in my uncle’s big garden to split.

      But it is just me having to ration space in raised beds and not about any special benefit for me.

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