Looking Up

Caught up with a friend I have not seen in too long and she wants to start hiking 4,000 footers together. It’ll be nice to have a hiking buddy on call. And she is thinking of signing up for the piccolo fondo after looking into the gran fondo I registered for.

And she still has the shotgun I gave her years ago.

My wife is hitting up a weightlifting class regularly, the kids are looking forward to bike/fishing season, and we live a fifteen minute walk from a great swimming hole in the river. Life is looking pretty good, right now.

This has been your quarterly ray of optimism, sure to be dashed as I realize the rest of the world continues to be annoying.



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2 responses to “Looking Up

  1. While we’re on the optimism kick, SpaceX says they successfully made a controlled descent and soft landing in the ocean with the first stage of their latest Dragon mission.

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