Patience Is A Virtue

BSA Lightning XL SE in 22 caliber with gas ram was delivered early this morning. The glass and mount don’t arrive until tomorrow.

I, of course, have been point shooting it because I just can’t help myself. To my amazement, straight out of the box with no break-in, it chronos an average of 659 feet/second with 14.3 grain Crosman Premier Ultra Magnum pellets with a standard deviation of 3.58 feet/second. And a respectable average muzzle energy of 13.7 FPE. My hopes are high that it will be a keeper squirrel harvester worthy of working out a dope card.

Bluesun, Crosman is gearing up to release the Benjamin NP2. With nice trigger, more oomph, reduced cocking effort, smoother shot cycle, and ~$250 price tag. You should get one in 22. Even if you upgrade the glass, you will likely wind up spending less than I did on this Euro-carbine for every last bit the potential, actually, with notably greater muzzle energy. Dooooooo iiiiiiiit.



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7 responses to “Patience Is A Virtue

  1. Where might one look for such a thing?

    • Pre-Orders accepted. The rifle is not quite released, yet. And I am ordering one in 25 so hard when I have the cash:

      Qualifies for free shipping, Pyramyd has good customer service, and pellets are buy three tins get one tin free in addition to free shipping. And, if as nice as Tom Gaylord experienced, the trigger should be nice and keep you from having to enter the golden trigger slap-fight to pay one of two asshats thirty bucks for a great aftermarket unit.

      • I know absolutely nothing about air guns, and the product description isn’t answering my question, so I’ll ask you–does that gun “pump” up, or do you have some sort of external thing you hook it to, or does it take CO2 cartridges, or what?

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