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Give Stabbidy

Found a Bush Baby from, now defunct, Blind Horse Knives on the used rack at a sporting goods store on the way home from my trip:






It’s neat as heck and carries very well. May try my hand at making a leather pocket sheath because nerd. And will definitely use it a bunch.


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New Beater

As much as I love classic slip locks for carry, a beater locking knife has its uses. Picked up a new stabby:


Pardue designed Benchmade Mini Grip. Because sheepsfoot supremacy. And pink so I can find it when it inevitably falls in forest litter and/or snow. But I still dislike non-thin folders and things clipped to the lip of my pockets, so how much carry time it will actually serve remains to be seen.


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I still hate mounting bike racks to cars. Here’s hoping it doesn’t dropkick the his-n-hers Trek hybrids into the pavement during weekend highway traffic.

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So It Begins

I hear by declare bike commute season open.

And the rear derailleur on the 8.3 officially needs tweaking after well over a thousand miles. Should probably replace the stock brake pads while I am at it. The chain could probably use adjustment/replacement soon, as well. And the pedals are getting tired but still work fine and dandy.

At least the inner tubes are fresh as of today.

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I will be jogging on the beach. The evening will feature rum and hot tub. Then a bike ride with picnic to another beach on Sunday. Followed by more hot tub.

And ~Dependable Mr. Weatherman~ assures me the weekend will be cool and cloudy enough to keep the crowds in Massachusetts where they belong.

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On The Stove

Sweated onion/celery in he pressure cooker with turmeric/fenugreek/brown mustard seed/cumin/chili flakes/crushed ginger&garlic before dumping in a can of coconut milk, cup of yellow split peas, a pint or so of water, bay leaf, salt, pepper, carrot, juice of one lime, and turnip. Now up to pressure for six minutes and adjust thickness to serve over rice. It just clicked that this one is vegan.

And I still have a bunch of turnips to use up before we leave for the beach. Probably mash them with potato tomorrow morning before getting new tubes for the bike tires, bike rack to fit wife’s car as the old one fit the vehicle I sold, dropping the chicks off at my sister’s, cashing paycheck, going to work, double-checking the bag I packed, packing the car, and dropping the kids off with my mother.

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Got nineteen 750ml bottles and one 1.5l bottle of mead before getting down to the dregs and saying good enough. I’ll leave the bottles upright for a few days while we go to the beach to settle in and then on their sides in the cellar until Halloween. One bottle will be cracked into before then to make sure all is well.

12 lbs local wildflower honey I am using for the first time, four gallons spring water, one pack of champagne yeast. Using recycled bottles, I am under $3 per 750ml. Easy and affordable holiday gifts if it survives cellaring. And, being my first large batch, has me concerned despite the modest investment.

Right now, the flavor is more mild than my usual higher honey content small batch meads, the alcohol is still a prominent flavor component that should mellow but t will stay a strong wine, it is dry, and has a nice bready finish that reminds me of a subtle golden ale.

Now to find a good mead punch recipe to make for the holidays. And a bench corker because this cheap lean-on-it-no-harder-bounce-on-the-bastard corker is no fun with more than a couple bottles.

Next up: Full carboy of hard cider and then another batch of mead. Or maybe a melomel with some of my parents raspberries rather than straight mead. And maybe go nuts and pick up a hydrometer while I’m at it. Then my hand at beer when cold weather comes back around because bugger heating my kitchen that much in summer and canning needs the time and space. To heat up my kitchen that much in the summer…

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