Ran some 14.5 grain, 22 caliber RWS Superdome pellets out of the Benjamin Genesis:

– Low: 737 feet/second
– High: 756 feet/second
– Average: 746 feet/second
– No standard deviation because it is still very much breaking in. Will bother when it settles down and I find its preferred pellet.
– F.P.E. with the lowest read velocity, rounded down to nearest hundredth: 17.4
– Average F.P.E. also rounded: 17.92
– Square the velocity in feet/sec, multiply by the pellet grain weight, and divide by 450240 (not a true constant, but the updated number is so minor as to be practically irrelevant).

And the Primary Arms still works after ~100 shots through a fairly potent nitro piston. Will keep it on there for a couple tins, at least. The concept of a red dot on a backyard vermin popper is showing promise.

As for the rifle, the trigger sucks out of the box, is barely serviceable after adjusting second stage creep, and will be replaced with a golden trigger if one can be fitted. Still need to check. And my wife has declared the beast intolerably unsightly. I think SPACEGUN! and need to work up some headcrab targets.

Oh, and my 22 caliber Sumatra 2500 carbine with Clague LDC is far quieter even with the power wheel on high. But that is a PCP with no piston banging around and a freaking nice can.


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