I have two AR-15s, both free-floated, one with an Aimpoint. I carry a Glock with Hackathorn sights in a spiffy INCOG.

My favorite long guns to shoot are still my budget 22 rifles, clapped out/loose/beat/pipe-cuttered-to-18.5″ single-shot 16 gauge with forearm taped on by necessity and fat brass bead, and M1 carbine.

The long gun I would tote as a deranged fantasy mountain man would be that clapped out 16 gauge with not one thing changed beyond some grill paint on the metal. With a box of #6, pocketful of slugs, and fistful of #1 buck, I think I could go pretty far. Oh, and it could use a sling. Some paracord and strip of leather/nylon/whatever could take care of that.

My wife feels much the same about her M1 carbine with original sling and surplus belt pouch of two fifteen-rounders.

Because I keep reading about tricked out ARs as The Road weapons of choice. To hell with carrying that plus my pack. My bedside AR is lighter than most and is still eight pounds loaded. Versus five pound handy rifle/scattergat with enough ammo to get you through for a little while. And three fewer pounds to hump around.


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