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Beeg Boolit, Leetle Boolit





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Ran some 14.5 grain, 22 caliber RWS Superdome pellets out of the Benjamin Genesis:

– Low: 737 feet/second
– High: 756 feet/second
– Average: 746 feet/second
– No standard deviation because it is still very much breaking in. Will bother when it settles down and I find its preferred pellet.
– F.P.E. with the lowest read velocity, rounded down to nearest hundredth: 17.4
– Average F.P.E. also rounded: 17.92
– Square the velocity in feet/sec, multiply by the pellet grain weight, and divide by 450240 (not a true constant, but the updated number is so minor as to be practically irrelevant).

And the Primary Arms still works after ~100 shots through a fairly potent nitro piston. Will keep it on there for a couple tins, at least. The concept of a red dot on a backyard vermin popper is showing promise.

As for the rifle, the trigger sucks out of the box, is barely serviceable after adjusting second stage creep, and will be replaced with a golden trigger if one can be fitted. Still need to check. And my wife has declared the beast intolerably unsightly. I think SPACEGUN! and need to work up some headcrab targets.

Oh, and my 22 caliber Sumatra 2500 carbine with Clague LDC is far quieter even with the power wheel on high. But that is a PCP with no piston banging around and a freaking nice can.

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Speak Softly


Benjamin Genesis, 22 caliber. Wearing a Primary Arms micro dot. People regularly ask me for Wallyworld airgun recommendations, and this one was picked up as a sample. If the integral suppressor proves worthwhile, I may “upgrade” to a thumbhole wood-stocked, integrally suppressed 22 with picatinny scope mounts and give this to my father. Or keep this because I have it and, while aesthetically challenged, it works.

No matter what, it will get a golden trigger if it can take one.

And my current 177 caliber nitro-piston squirrelgat will take the 3-9 that came with this and be given to a friend. The 3-12×40 Barska from the 177 will likely end up on this if the red dot proves lacking. Unless I change my mind and let my friend have the Barska, as well v0v

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New Toy

Details tomorrow.













What, you expect content on a Saturday? On this blog, for that matter?


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One of my best friends is apparently a fan of my Cav-15 build. He wants to build a budget clone and is asking me to help out.

– 15″ tubes are not going to come appreciably cheaper than I paid for mine outside of a PSA daily deal on a completed upper that may take forever to stock and sell out. Leaning towards a used one on a forum. Save a few bucks.

– A not-Daniel-Defense barrel. That will save a little money. Maybe try to find a used FN/Colt/BCM/Windham barrel. But it does have to be lightweight. Gas length unimportant*.

– Used Daniel Defense or Troy fixed sight set. Maybe find a deal on a carry handle and chop it for him. Mix-n-match, whatever. May nudge him to Magpul MBUS for now and a Primary Arms micro later. He does like the little red dots and will likely end up with one the way I know him.

– Populated Cav-15. His idea and a solid one. Cheaper than mine with ALG ACT and a separate lower parts kit.

– Plain charging handle. Save some bucks over my spiffy medium Gunfighter while missing out on a marginal amount of convenience.

– Rainier/PSA/Windham Weaponry BCG. Whatever is cheapest. I have a Windham in mine and it is doing alright by me, so far, with bonus made in Maine status.

– Rainier XTC for a comp. He likes obnoxious muzzle devices and it works as designed for less than most others. Unless another used brake shows up for a song.

– A blemished upper. Or Aero’s nifty no forward assist upper. Or a used whatever. He wants flat top.

– Bushmaster/DPMS/Hi Standard/whatever upper parts kit and barrel nut. Unless his handguard takes a proprietary nut v0v

Although, he would probably be best off snagging a PSA daily deal of lightweight 16″ complete upper. Then score front sight and long-ass handguard later for me to instal. Toss his used handguard on EBay or whatever for a few bucks. Of course, he will probably pick up a new mania and change his build or buy something completely different by the end of it :v

* Simmer down, 99% of shooters won’t notice a difference in bolt wear or marginal increase in recoil with their low round counts. SBRs use carbine gas and you think those are cool despite beating themselves up.

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That the Chiappa M1-9 works reliably and is introduced Stateside for less than $500. I’d buy a few of the black stocked ones for the kids/loaners if that was the case. And a crate of 20 round Mec-Gar mags.

And they should make it in 40 S&W, as well. Feeding from Beretta 96 mags 😀

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Pie In The Sky

1/2, 1/3, 1/4 (big enough to sit properly behind as gunner and have a belt tender at the side) Vickers clone. Pre-charged pneumatic Vickers clone in 177, 20, or 22 caliber. The water jacket is actually an air reservoir, the water line is a high pressure air line, the water can actually an electric high-pressure air pump. Either flexible belt fed or tray fed would be fine. And a decent tripod with proper traverse and elevation adjustment.

Then dig a bag of army men into a trench line at the end of the yard. I would giggle for the rest of my life.

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