Tot’n Gats

Displaced Louisiana Guy wants to see your carry gun. Okay:



The LCP (pre-“improved” sights) is the pistol I absolutely, positively, cross my heart do not carry at work and there is certainly not a spare 6-round mag with flat floor plate in my pocket. Promise. It is my sick in pajamas and hiking heater. Loaded 6+1 with Winchester white box 95 grain JFN because buggered if I care and it runs reliably for me.

The G27 is on my belt at 1:30-2:00 the rest of the time/holidays/weekends. It sports Ameriglow GL-433 Hackathorn sights and is loaded 9+1 with 180 grain Federal HST because I care just a little and it is a top of the heap load for not $rape$. And a 13 round G23 mag of the same at 11:30.

Both have summited mountains, fallen in rivers, survived wipeouts on skis, been in the rain and snow, been fallen on, banged around, shot regularly until Obama-Rama 2: Newton Boogaloo, and never given me cause to complain. The Glock even placed top 1/3 with me in a bike event. It also shoots so well that it retired a Glock 23.

And no, I am not wiping carry guns clean for a picture. That would be almost as pointless as scrubbing the pitch off an axe head before snapping a photo.



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5 responses to “Tot’n Gats

  1. Nice. Sad it’s not the revolver, but still, I have a strange desire for an LCP (maybe because it’s the first gun I looked at when I started thinking about carrying).

  2. BTW I think your link is broken…

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