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By the way

Do I rip my thumb open with the rotary tool or the box it comes in? The box.


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I am cheap and always willing to salvage tools, buy used, or outright borrow things. My father loaned me his Dremel,this morning, to work on a gas block to stop contact with a free-float.

It was cordless. And the useless thing promptly pissed me off so much that I drove to the hardware store and spent most of my free money on a new Dremel 3000 to never have to use the battery-powered abomination, again. Whoever decided the cordless rotary tool was good to go as a tool should be kicked squarely in the nadgers.

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Barn Squirrel

The second one this week I have convinced to stop pestering my father’s chicken coop with the aid of a Blue Streak and 20 caliber crow magnums. Be time to fire up a Dutch oven and some dumplings once I get the third.


Pretty small for a well-fed grey tail, though.


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Just for Bluesun




Finger grooves! I tend to dislike finger grooves, but they work great for me on boot grips and Uncle Mike’s K frame round butt to square butt grips v0v

And these free! clip grips are going on a 642 when I break down and get one. Or a humpback.


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Getting Big

The boy (6) torched two rounds of M855 out of my fixed carbine stocked AR and creamed a mini Moxie can at about ten meters. I had to support the handguard, but he was all smile. And he promptly inquired about the future fate of my Cav-15…

Just a bummer that my father sold the Mini-14 he used to teach me centerfire rifle.

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Zuppa Toscana

Recipe mostly from here:


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Mac ‘N Cheese

Well, ziti. Cut kielbasa into disks and browned before browning onion, broccoli, and celery. Made a Mornay with butter/flour/paprika/a bottle of Coors reduced a bit to burn off the foam and alcohol/milk/Swiss cheese. Then tossed it all with the pasta:


Too tasty to bother with photography.


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