No, the kids are not going to Sunday school. I am an atheist, you stupid fucks.

Yes, my kids are vaccinated. Not all homeschoolers are stupid fucks, you stupid fucks.

No, the kids are not going to Sunday school. I don’t care that you are going to church with your new boyfriend, I don’t care that I was raised by Protestants-in-name-only, back off, you arrogant, pushy, busybodies!

No, I am not going to buy another car. Fuck off, I am putting money down on a road bike and you can shove your diabetic, fat-assed condescension up your flabby fucking ass and ride your lazy high horse of a fucking cliff, crash through the gates of hell, and fucking burn.

No, you can’t brig your spoiled dog to my house and expect me to lock my dog out while you let it growl at me just because it is away from home. I don’t care that it is ill, that you want to see your family, or that I am an apathetic jerk. It is not happening.

No, there is nothing wrong with eating mostly vegetarian! What the fuck is wrong with you?

Yes, I am mad at you for going to my grandmother’a house while she was presenting as a possible stroke with a massive altered mental status, leaving her alone, going again when the police became involved, keeping her home overnight, not calling me, having to be yelled at to take her to her physician, having to be yelled at by the physician to get her to a fucking hospital, and fuck you for thinking it unreasonable that I am ripshit. Luckily, it was not a stroke.

Anyone else want a piece of this?


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One response to “Ahem

  1. A piece? I want the whole damn pie -I’d pay cash or bullets to go to your family reunions 😉

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