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Springform Supremacy

Turkey pot pie


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Wanna Fight About It?

Yeah, it is an MR1. Yeah, it is a Battlemag. Yeah it is a UTG optic. Yeah, chin weld ahoy! I don’t care and will shoot the hell out of it until the red dot buys the farm and go back to irons because reasons.



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AR #2 Plans Finalized

  • Magpul fixed carbine stock, black
  • Carbine buffer/spring/tube from a PSA kit
  • A2 grip from Brownell’s LPK with the finger nub sanded off, black, sandpaper scuffs not torched smooth because I give no fucks
  • Aero “headless pooper” lower
  • Aero upper
  • PSA LPK to include trigger that is surprisingly serviceable
  • PSA M16 BCG
  • High Standard upper parts kit, mid-length
  • High Standard, I think, barrel nut
  • Daniel Defense 16″ mid-length lightweight barrel
  • Midwest low-profile 0.625″ I.D. gas block
  • A2 flash hider, DPMS? Who cares, is birdcage
  • 11″ Troy Alpha rail, black because cheaper than Apex and a good piece of kit. Not the trendy 13″ because lighter and I don’t need a light 2″ further out to make this thing front heavy.
  • Magpul folding front sight, green because cheaper than black
  • GG&G folding rear sight, black because I already have one
  • IWC radial mount-n-slot
  • Surefire G2X, black
  • IWC low profile QD mount thingy because cheaper than Troy and IWC makes good stuff with great customer service
  • Midwest QD sling stud because cheap and well reviewed
  • Aimpoint P.R.O. in the QRP-2 mount it came with
  • VCAS sling, brown because cheaper than other colors, and plastic hardware because cheaper than aluminum and the plastic on my 590 has worked fine <0>
  • Terrible lazy rattlecan job probably to follow

And I am out of fun money until spring. Because Christmas, save for used road bike or new road bike frame to slowly build and ride Gran Fondos within two years, and some semblance of financial responsibility. Christ, it took me a year to – barely – save to finish this rifle. And it will probably piss off mall ninjas with is mismatchiness and chubby optic mount.

Anyway, frankenpics when it all comes in, next week.

P.S. Big Brother, I, unfortunately, paid for all of this, myself. No compensation received. None asked. So sod off.

P.P.S. I have not tallied the cost of this thing. If any of you do, just don’t tell me. My bank account would slap me and I would probably cry. For a build using ‘”fuck it, cheaper” within the cost/quality sweet spot and some stuff I already had, it still managed to cost a pretty penny.


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The Dark Side

The Electrify started showing its age and acting up. I now have an iPhone. A 4S because free, but an iPhone no less. It has a comparable camera, is smaller and lighter, and we’ll see if it can handle as much abuse. The Motorola took a beating like a champ.

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