I was just given ~15 lbs of celery and four shopping bags of kale from a neighbor’s garden. How can I put this kale away without ruining it?



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5 responses to “Haaaaaallllllllllp!!!

  1. I’ve wondered that myself. So far I’ve just made it into soup and frozen the soup.

    But that would be a lot of soup.

  2. I think the clay throwers using Hydraulics would be too much; I recommend the manual throwers for the kale.

    Not sure of the shot size but really can’t go wrong with 7 & half can ya?

    Or were you talking of a different way of ‘putting it up’?

  3. Robert

    With almost zero effort, your food dryer can transform a bulky pound of luscious kale into a sandwich bag of yummy kale flakes. Of course, it now looks like you are tossing hamster bedding into your soup, but it does save mucho pantry space and it will keep until the next harvest. I suspect thr celery could be similarly abused. Good luck.

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