1. Should I pick up some Dresden Files to start reading?

2. Why are 16″ lightweight, mid-length 1-in-7″ AR barrels so hard to find?

3. Do I really need to drool over the Japanese whiskey at the likker stoah? Trick question. Yes.



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7 responses to “Questions

  1. I’m not a fan of the Dresden Files, but then, I’ve only read the first one (or two? Can’t remember).

    Because lightweight barrels are for girls and Frenchmen, real operators use 10″ bull barrels.

    You drool on it, you buy it, at least that’s the rules here. Luckily that Gosling’s Reserve that’s $100 at my favorite liquor store is on the top shelf, so my drool can’t hit it.

  2. Robert

    Dunno the answers to yer questions so instead here’s a short story:
    Upon inspecting my whisky selection (which cost me an entire day’s wage) prior to purchase, the checkout clerk commented “Oh, sir, I’m available for adoption.” Knowing nothing about booze, I took that as a good sign. It was indeed. Too bad I couldn never find it again…

    • I’m guessing you make more in a day than I do and even my best single malt didn’t quite cost a day’s labor. I’m available for adoption, as well.

  3. I have had, and immensely enjoy the Yamazaki 12 YO single malt. Try it.

  4. Robert

    House Rule #1: Adoptees buy their own booze. This promotes appropriate buying decisions while minimizing sqabbles over who is drinking what. And only nondrinkers remain armed. We will have a pleasant, peaceful atmosphere while getting mildly (or not) snockered.

    Also, no drinking for me until my prescription drug regimen finishes so I’m always armed. And I’ll probably be cranky ’cause I can’t imbibe…

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