Occupational burnout: achieved

Spousal approval to cease concern regarding job security: granted

All systems go to rip the stick out of the work bully’s ass and beat him with it. We’ll see how long it takes to get laid off for telling arrogant asses to %#%@*#&$%#%@&#&$&%*$&#&@%#&$&$*#&@&$&$*@*#&$&$*@*#$&&&$*@*#$&%&#*



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6 responses to “Burnout

  1. Well, good. Just give an AAR.

    • My direct supervisor is pissed at the same employee and is supporting my complaint and our boss has told me not to even talk to the fucker and just leave a written report on his desk every time the wanker pulls any shit.

      A start, anyway.

  2. Stop thinking if your selfish needs; take the beating yourself cause “It’s for the children.”

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