I Like To Party

A friend came over after I got back from grocery shopping with the kids. We took a couple half-price, thick-cut rib steaks, salted them with kosher salt, set aside to rest a bit while the grill heated, and some salted pasta water boiled. As a side, I very roughly chopped five cloves of garlic and dumped them in the bottom of a large bowl with basil/chile steeped extra-virgin olive oil, cherry tomatoes from the garden, freshly cracked black pepper, and a pinch of kosher salt to steep. When the pasta was ~30 seconds from finished, in went a mounded cereal bowl of fresh spinach. It was then strained and tossed in the bowl with the marinated goodies and freshly grated Parmesan to serve with the steak seared rare over the grill. All while drinking a couple bottles of hard cider.

Then we watched a glorious anti-anime (Porco Rosso, watch it) while drinking another cider. And I fell asleep halfway through a second movie (Castle in the Sky, also a great ’80s good time) from the same director. Now, I am roasting cheap marrow bones to harvest the marrow to spread on toast in the morning and turn the bones into stock with cheap neck bones…I’ll just save you guys the trouble:



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