Idle Mind

Wife is off on the wrong coast enjoying kid-free sushi and Spanish markets in San Francisco for a week. What am I to do, today, while she is out?

Find some nubile women?

Get hammered?

Start an opium habit?

Play vidya games all day?

Work out more?

Dote on the kids out of boredom?

Curl up around the hookah with some cardamom shisha and chill out?

Re-organize the bedroom, start a coconut lavender ice cream at 0800, make an omlette with cheese/salsa/sour cream using the whites left from the yolks in the ice cream, frame a cornhole set, laundry, oil the bike/top up it tire pressure, label yesterday’s corncob jelly and put it away, and show the kids how the random straight-jacket my father dropped off last night works and convince them they are stuck in it? This one.



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2 responses to “Idle Mind

  1. Doubletrouble

    “…frame a cornhole set…”
    I don’t think I wanna know.

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