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Pantry Raid

Hey, the bargain-bin chuck steak I scored half price the other week. Defrost that and brown it in my trusty cast iron. Then in the pressure cooker with bay leaf, cinnamon stick, dry the skillet to toast some cumin amd add that, paprika, salt, red pepper flakes, garlic, a mystery dried chile chopped in, top with wat-oooooh, core a couple tomatoes from the vine and plop them on top.

A couple mini-rutebegas from my father’s garden cleaned up while the chuck gets tender, some baby potatoes from my uncle’s garden, a parsnip, quartered onion, couple carrots…

Quick release the pressure cooker, rest the, in with the veggies for a few minutes, quick release, veggies to a bowl, reduce the pan juices to half volume and dinner is served:



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Braised beef heart in the pressure cooker with wine and some root veggies, sauce reduced after lid removed, served over buttered baked potato.

On an unrelated note, it looks like we are almost certain to buy five acres in the next couple years, raise a small livestock farm, and build a smaller (800 sq. ft. or less) house, and both drop to part time work while I also try to build a small business to make up some more comfortable income. With fewer expenses, poverty line living should be perfectly cozy. My sister is fully supportive, and the rest of my family is a blend of horrified/confused/curious/but offering a hand. I’ve already sold my S.U.V, put aside part of the cash for solar panels/controller/batteries, and made round one of condensing the kitchen.

Another unrelated note: I blame Bluesun for my kitchen faucet springing a leak and already bubbling my backsplash off the wall. No link because phone and effort.


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Not Dead

In-law stuff almost at breaking point, two pig roasts to prep for, rode the White Mountain Piccolo Fondo and placed well,  and let’s see how many gallons of stock I can can before I go insane.

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Potato-Leek Soup

With frezhly ground fenugreek seed, bay leaf, topped with a few crumbles of chopped chicken liver. Yum.

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Best ukulele cover:

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Fuck Bloomberg

Less than a week after a judge declared New York’s “stop and frisk” policy unconstitutional, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has a new idea for fighting crime in the city: fingerprint every public housing resident. Why? Because 20 percent of all crimes in the city are committed in public housing, home to 5 percent of the city’s residents. The mayor also seems to think that public housing residents should welcome the increased scrutiny, for their own good.

You know what? I was raised by two cops, babysat by cops, went on vacation to police conventions. Fuck Bloomberg, fuck New York, fuck the police, question authority. Question your own damn authority.

Pennywise – Fuck Authority:

The Exploited – Fuck the System:

Anti-Flag – Bacon:

And a special message for nanny Bloomberg, Reel Big Fish – Another F.U. Song:

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I Like To Party

A friend came over after I got back from grocery shopping with the kids. We took a couple half-price, thick-cut rib steaks, salted them with kosher salt, set aside to rest a bit while the grill heated, and some salted pasta water boiled. As a side, I very roughly chopped five cloves of garlic and dumped them in the bottom of a large bowl with basil/chile steeped extra-virgin olive oil, cherry tomatoes from the garden, freshly cracked black pepper, and a pinch of kosher salt to steep. When the pasta was ~30 seconds from finished, in went a mounded cereal bowl of fresh spinach. It was then strained and tossed in the bowl with the marinated goodies and freshly grated Parmesan to serve with the steak seared rare over the grill. All while drinking a couple bottles of hard cider.

Then we watched a glorious anti-anime (Porco Rosso, watch it) while drinking another cider. And I fell asleep halfway through a second movie (Castle in the Sky, also a great ’80s good time) from the same director. Now, I am roasting cheap marrow bones to harvest the marrow to spread on toast in the morning and turn the bones into stock with cheap neck bones…I’ll just save you guys the trouble:


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