I have been doing much cooking, little eating, and much yelling at people to take containers of soup, preserved cherries, bread, biscuits, etc. with them when they visit. Pineapple jam freshly canned, this morning before making my father take pea soup for his lunch. A casserole of the last of the other night’s ham with hashed potato, sweated red onion/green pepper/a portobello/celery, a bunch of cheddar, cream of whatever can comes out of the dusty shelf in the pantry for supper. And no cereal on top because I am a despicable Yankee.

Unrelated, but would the gremlin that made off with the camera battery and charger a month ago please return them? I will give you three 5.11 socks in return. Thank you.

Edit: Forgot to link Brigid for the basic church supper potato recipe I started with.


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