Breakfast – Eggs over-easy with halved linguiça. Hot sauce at the table.

Then bake 33 buttermilk biscuits, two dozen cranberry scones, and a gallon of fresh iced tea. Freeze the baked goodies left after wife and kids steal six scones for a quick lunch as they run out the door.

Dinner – The three odd biscuits with butter, jam (pineapple and cherry), and iced tea.

Supper – Sliced onion, salted, and thrown in bacon grease in ye olde cast iron skillet until tender, translucent, and beginning to brown. Then in with sliced liver tossed with salt and fresh ground black pepper while some rice steams away on the next burner. Then in with a salted/crusted trout from yesterday to be set aside for the kids when they get home

Snack on a couple bits of liver, pack the rest for work, and bike off to work in the rain.


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