Odd, Even By Punk Standards

Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers – Erotolepsy:



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4 responses to “Odd, Even By Punk Standards

  1. KA9VSZ

    WTH was that? I listened to the whole thing. My ears are bleeding. She won’t have any working vocal folds pretty soon. The music during the credits was ok, though.

    • I don’t know, but cute chick fronting a punk band with a harmonium grabbed my attention.

      • KA9VSZ

        Actually , the music was sorta catchy, but her screaming vocals made me jump each time and look to see who ste[[ed on the cat’s tail. (Gosh, I hope you don’t know her now that I said that.)

        The harmonium was the wheezing keyboard with the oddly-pumped bellows? Huh. I always pictured something like a glass harmonica, y’know, all the spinning disks played by touching with wetted fingers. I am so misinformed…

        • Never even seen her perform before, and she is playing an Indian Harmonium to be more specific. Think of it as a funky accordion mated with an organ.

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