That’s Yer Problum, Raight Thar!



Anything seem wrong with this carburetor to you?

Much better:





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2 responses to “That’s Yer Problum, Raight Thar!

  1. Doubletrouble

    Hinge pin on the float fall out, or was it just ‘crooked’?

    • Crooked, and they somehow bent the end of the pin. Not sure how, considering how easily the things slip in and out. Now I just need to get a new air filter, find and address the air leaks, replace the rear tire, hook up the speedometer, adjust the front brake, clean up the sticky throttle, properly hook up the brake light wires to the brake levers, replace the bulb in the speedometer, clean a bit of rust from the fuel tank, replace the fuel line and get a new fuel filter, register it, and wait for the end of snow season.

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