Just Finished A Pint Of Guinness

And my plans for the evening involve an English blend packed into my Irish Army pipe. This is the closest you can expect me to come to celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day.

Edit: Lest you think I have fallen into the “excuse to get hammered in public holiday” trap, lunch consisted of rustic cut zucchini, onion, carrot, cremini mushrooms, and chopped fresh garlic browned in a pan before adding fresh toasted and ground pine nuts/fresh toasted whole caraway/salt/pepper/rosemary/basil/chili flakes, deglazing the pan with chianti, adding lazily drained diced tomato, drizzling with basil/chili extra virgin olive oil, and loosening with pasta water served over freshly made tagliatelle with freshly flaked parmesan to top it all off.


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