Speaking Of Projects

I scored a DL-200 in a cheap box of junky point and shoots:

DL-200 Before

It has a very nice lens, but takes a proprietary hard-wired battery and has no flash over-ride. A couple coats of paint should take care of the flash before I get out the screwdriver to jury-rig a new battery pack with duct-tape and a paper clip. Or, I may drill a hole in the case and solder a switch into the flash circuit. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Why? I don’t have cable.



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4 responses to “Speaking Of Projects

  1. Someone said: “GET A HOBBY!” and, well…

    • And I fully intend to troll photography forums with it.

      • You really need to get s hobby.

        • You should see the looks people give me when they find out I neither have nor desire cable and answer, “I play trumpet and ukulele while dabbling on some other instruments, run, hike, kayak, ride my bike, home-school the kids, am trying to get into photography properly, cook, and shoot air rifles off my deck”, when they ask what I do without television.

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