I Wonder

There is a pork roast in my dutch oven, braising away with French roast coffee, a chicken neck and gizzards, some water, carrots, onions, honey, red pepper flakes because I can’t find the good dried peppers to save my life right now, salt, pepper, and a length of fresh rosemary. It will be served with braised Brussels sprouts and a sweet potato/white potato mash to compliment the bitter of the coffee. The braising liquid will probably be strained and thickened into some high-octane gravy that will leave me clanging off the walls. 

This will either be a hysterical failure or delicious.



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2 responses to “I Wonder

  1. Minus the coffee, it all sounds good to me.

    • Was good, coffee sauce was great and just added a somewhat roasted whisky-like complexity to the sauce and reduced to a great glaze on the Brussels sprouts.

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