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Happy Halloween!

The Creepshow – The Garden:


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Haven’t Posted A Gun In A While

And some new cutlery came in, today. Yes, the Germans have the Frenchman surrounded.


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by | 29/10/2012 · 19:42

Why Isn’t It Snowing, Yet?

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by | 27/10/2012 · 15:34


The wife has approved purchase of: ice axe, crampons, quality snowshoes with sideplates and heel lifts, and other winter hiking goodies.

And she has mandated acquisition of: climbing harness for each of us, dynamic rope, ‘biners, figure 8 belays, ATCs, a gri gri 2.01 for each of us, and helmets.

I will either make far better progress in getting back in shape or die on the side of a mountain in the Presidentials. Either way, 2013 is shaping up to be fun.

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I Don’t Want To Go Back Down, Yet.


by | 25/10/2012 · 11:04

Yes, the Bourbon Is Absolutely Necessary.

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Belt Beaver

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