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I’m drifting back into a punkish mood. Good thing I have a long weekend coming up.

Splodgenessabounds – My Socks Gone Down My Shoe:

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Took The Plunge

Ordered a chronograph.


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Ordered A New Gun

Feel free to guess what it is before it gets here.

One clue: It fires from an open bolt 😀


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What’s The Worst That Could Happen?

I have six loaded rounds of 357 Magnum using a near-maximum charge of H110 under  158 grain lead flat nose bullets. Please don’t blow my revolver to bits.

I have six rounds of 6.5x52mm using an absolute minimum load of H335 under some very long and tight 160 grain bullets. Please don’t squib.




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For Doubletrouble

A double-batch of bannock baked in my billy for breakfast on Saturday morning:

Sliced that bad boy up and drizzled it with some honey.




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Edit: I guess you have to click it.

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Why Did Nobody Tell Me This Was A Thing?

Giant Robot Project

Building a giant aluminum spider robot in the woods.

Why? Because he feels like it, that’s why!

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