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There is a vein throbbing in my forehead and this weekend is only looking like it will be worse than the last two days.


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I am sitting at my counter with an Arturo Fuente Hemingway during a quiet lull in the week’s storms. Life is good.

It is my first cigar in about a year. Nothing fancy, extravagant, or expensive, but a very solid cigar from my favorite maker. I love my pipes, but My two years as a regular cigar smoker leave me craving one now and then. Perhaps once my wife is out of school, I will rebuild my humidor. And resume collecting scotch. And get another pipe. And pack away a pile of my favorite tinned pipe tobaccos. What is a man without a vice or two?

Speaking of…DoubleTrouble, what is your go-to cigar? I’ll bring a few the next time we meet.

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Woke up this morning to find ourselves in the eye of a big lightning storm. We spent the entire morning just watching it.

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Memorial Day

Took the kids to see the family, go on a nature walk and picnic on pond ledges that their great-great grandparents used to camp and fish from, mowed the lawn with a borrowed mower, making fresh caught trout breaded with cornmeal, steak, corn on the cob, and paprika/garlic rice for supper.

All because of generation upon generation of souls who gave all that we may travel unhindered, have selection in our shopping, fertile water to fish, and that we may have time to worry about such things as conserving great swathes of our land.

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I Found This Surprising

– Mystery Ranch Big Sky

– 1L Sigg water bottle, full

– 32 oz. light Nalgene, full

– Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe

– 71 hours worth of light rations

– Peak 1 (It was free and has lasted years, don’t be a snob) sleeping bag in a compression sack

– Rag wool sweater, wool watch cap, wool longjohn bottoms, and cotton long-sleeve T-shirt

– Zebra billy with the little bowl, tea, facecloth

– tarp-type space blanket, regular teensy disposable space blanket, 100′ paracord

– 10’x10′ BCUSA tarp

– Red and black shemagh (works great to keep flies and the sun off your head/neck/cheeks while not looking like a mall-ninja)

– Plastic soak jar for dried foods with screw-on lid (can double as a urinal in winter snow huts)

– Biggish book (weighed Bushcraft since it was on my nightstand and heavier than what I would normally hump around)

– Headlamp

– Bandana

– Peterson Irish army pipe with three day’s tobacco ration, a few cleaners, tamper, and own designated matches.

– Wooden spoon and metal spoon

– Deck of cards

– Seal line bag for use as a bear bag at camp

– pack of gum

– Total weight, including the pack: 31 pounds

I could add matches, spare wool socks, a sewing kit, hobo fishing kit, fresnel lense, my flint and steel tin, rain gear, 24″ pack saw, and my UCO candle lantern with extra candle to come in at about 36 or 37 pounds. Everything but the saw will be added. why not the saw? It is for trips when I know I will have to process a bunch of firewood.

Fully expected it to be heavier. Now to weigh the waxed canvas envelope pack that follows me everywhere.

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I Might Just Start Trolling For Stupid Amazon Reviews At This Point

In reference to blued steel cake pans:

I bought this to attempt to recreate a restaurant pizza cookie, but one run through the dishwasher covered this thing (as well as many other dishes) in rust spots. I would say that if putting this through the dishwasher will ruin it, there should be a warning against doing so (which I could not find).


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People Suck

Found ~ 20 feet from the river on a section of beach normally underwater. I found more trash under the center rocks, there was another firelay left a mess eight feet from this one with trees dragged in for seats and left, as well as children’s digging tools left behind as well as the ankle-deep holes they dug. The rocks for this pit were hauled about 25-30 feet from the rocky shore to this sandy area.


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