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Give Butch A Few Bucks

And he will order two magazines and three holsters .


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Fun With Junkies

I was sitting in a parking lot with the boy yesterday, waiting for my wife, mother, and daughter to come out. There was a commotion in the street about 20 yards away and I looked up just in time to make eye-contact with two guys going at it while two friends of one looked on. They took offense to this and started to step toward the car to bring me into their dispute. I had the boy get back in his seat, kicked the car in gear, and reached into my lap. They backed off thinking I was an off-duty cop reaching for a radio and spent the next ten minutes apologizing to each other, talking about how high they were, and praising God…

My hand was on my pistol, not going for a radio and I am glad they changed their minds. Driving away was plan A, but i would have had to get back to the ladies, somehow.

I have since found out that one of the angrier junkie’s friends may actually have been a cop working on something else. I am really REALLY glad the situation settled down.


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Took A Firing Grip On My Glock, Today

Didn’t have to draw and the boy is fine. Fuck junkies.


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I Really Don’t Care


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B.A.G. Day, 2012

Nothing fancy, this year, just a Glock 27. I will be in nice pants and dress-shirts quite a bit this summer for various family and friend events full of outright hoplophobes. It should conceal better than the G23 on those days. I have already ripped off the stock sights and installed a set of Ameriglow Hackathorns and confirmed that it is a mule with 180 grain HST.

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I’ll Do Some Writing Tomorrow

Expect my B.A.G. Day post on Saturday and some rantings on Sunday.

Today will be filled with yard work.

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Maybe They Were Right

Mssrs. Fairbairn and Sykes were proponents of appendix carry for both concealed revolvers and openly-carried service pistols and talked about it fairly extensively in Shooting To Live.

The book made solids points for appendix carry, and I have since looked further into the concept. The idea seems promising and a tuckable appendix holster was mailed to me this morning. Review to come.


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