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Mop Mop – Locomotive:


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A Marxist, Boy Scout Troop, And Gypsy Walk Into A Bar

The new gun came in the other day and the light is nice today:

That’s right, I bought a mil-surp pellet gun. It was made in Romania and used to train members of their communist youth group in marksmanship to better serve the military when of age. Now to finish straightening out the front sight (I had already taken most of the cant out when I took this picture), clean it up, and bounce some tin cans.

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I Am Now “That Guy”

Bike to work on a chilly day and back home in chilly temperatures at night and your co-workers will think you certifiable.

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I Liked The Bike

Gah! I typed a nice post and the highlight God ate it with a last-minute edit!

TL/DR since I am not typing it again: The Trek 8.3 is a nice bike with solid components and feels great. The service at the shop was great and the price was cheaper than I could have found online. Picking it up this afternoon once they finish giving it a once-over, installing my rack/bottle cage/kick-stand, and buffing the frame.

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Pretty Little Instrumental

Calexico – When Only Ashes Are Left:

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I Blame Fred

I was catching up with Guns & Coffee today and noticed that I have been missing out on bike-blogging.

Well, one thing led to another and I am going to be test-riding a Trek 8.3 DS tomorrow. If I like it, it will become my new commuter and I’ll fix up my old faithful 820 over the summer as a beater…


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Dear Corporation

Your website sucks, the easy online billing you promised was broken, the “fix” you sent me was incoherent, you put me on hold when YOU call, and you quoted me an incorrect balance on my first bill when I signed my contract with you. That is why I waited a fortnight to pay you.

Improve your customer service or DEAL WITH IT.

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