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I ordered a pile of AR mags from Brownell’s and received a shipping notification less than an hour later. They got 9 assorted mags together and out the door that quickly.

My gripe about their poor site design suddenly seems unimportant. I’m impressed.


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Expensive Hobby

The rifle you just bought may have been a bit spendy, but the ammo, mags, reloading dies and components, sling, rail, and light are not exactly free, either.

Notice that I made no mention of an optic. I will save and try one on the new Benelli, but I don’t know what I want and that isn’t usually my problem. I really love the concept of the dual illuminated RMR, and the rifle will primarily be a bedside gun, but the 7 MOA dot gives me pause when the range walks out to 65 yards. I like the reticle in the EOTech, but would rather not screw with batteries and power switches. Oh, and I watched one shit the bed at the range which did not instill great confidence.  I don’t want an Aimpoint on this rifle, so that helps simplify the choice.

Honestly, I am probably going to try the EOTech, first. And no, I am not adding a laser, conventional scope, magnifier, VFG, AFG, bi-pod, or grippod to this thing. The only accessories I ever actually use on a gun are, in order: slings, lights, and optics. Anything else is just making a very well balanced rifle into a muzzle-heavy pig.

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Hell Froze Over And Milsurp Jesus Wept

I scrapped plans to buy a classy Czech rifle to buy this:

A Benelli MR1. I have wanted an EBR for a while but the AR platform is not my thing, the SCAR is silly expensive, and most other EBRs do nothing at all for me. Add in the fact that I like wood, steel, history, and oddities and the plastic fantastics are put on the back burner in my priorities.

When my favorite weapons maker (Beretta) decides to take a wildly successful shotgun (Benelli’s wonderful M4) and turn it into a carbine that feeds from STANAGs, my curiosity piques. When the Benelli-made version pops up at a very reasonable price, I am willing to buy the wonky thing on the spot.


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A Gunnie’s Perogative

While ordering the new CZ 550 FS, I came across a good deal on something else and have shelved the Czech rifle project to take a look at the other thing.

Feel free to guess what it is while I am gone. One hint, rifle.

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Getting Discouraged

Xbox Live is a pain. The connection regularly shits the bed when I try to log on to multi-player games. I know, complicated whatever, but I paid for this shit and expect it to work more often than not. Bah.

Screw Microsoft, I am going to buy an old SNES and never look back.


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Yes, It Can

Be tacticlol despite wood furniture:

Now that I have the clamp loosened enough to stop crunching the mag tube, I just need to get it to the range to make sure the clamp won’t walk toward the receiver.

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My wife gave me a copy of Battlefield 3 the other day and it is pretty neat. It is also going to keep my posting light until I finish the single player campaign.

This comes at a particularly good time since extended outdoor treks are still on hold until my lungs stop being raspy.

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