Every Day Use

Some of us are gear hounds and carry the internet around with our music, some are pack rats ready for an apocalypse with our stuffed cargo pants, but we all have items we carry every day. The pocket dump is a popular meme these days and it is always neat to see what other people carry.  One thing tends to be overlooked, however: What do we use the most in our EDC?

In that spirit, post the three most used items that you carry every day.

  • My Victorinox Farmer gets the most use in my carry. It opens stubborn chip bags, trim errant threads on my clothes, idly whittles a block of wood when the day is slow, slices cheese, opens my bottle of nice local micro-brew, and saws marshmallow sticks.
  • After that, my Fisher Bullet Space Pen sees the most use. It leaves notes for my wife, reminders for me, makes the shopping list, and is the pen I use on the ambulance, as well because it wipes down squeaky clean.
  • The Streamlight ProTac EMS just replaced my aging Inova as my daily carry light. It may seem odd that a flashlight sees more use than my cellphone, but it is always coming in handy when the peanut butter is hiding in the dark recesses of the cabinets, or the basement lights can’t reach the corner I’m in, or the dog needs to go out in the evening.
There it is, the framework of my daily carry. If I am to be honest, I don’t need anything more in my day-to-day life.
I just added up the cost of these three items and they alone cost about eighty dollars. It’s a good thing they get used constantly or my bank account would kick me in the shin. And while I’m rambling, expect a new pocket dump soon since my carry has changed a bit since my last one.

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