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Don’t Mess With The AARP

I just had to call in sick because I have spent my day sicker than a three year-old the day after Halloween. No one told me those seniors had a voodoo doll made up of me.


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Dear AARP,

Thank you for your recent offer to allow me to join you prestigious organization. There is nothing I would rather do as a 23 year-old man than send my money to a large organization devoted to lobbying Big Brother to become more and more like a nanny to help out the geriatric population of this fine country.
Also, regarding the offer of a free trunk organizer with membership; I like your style. I see a Mag-Lite, set of jumper cables, bottled water, and two bottles of wine in the stock photo. Be prepared.

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You Knew It would Come Sooner Rather Than Later


Los Calzones – Malavida:

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Shellac – Squirrel Song (NSFW for a touch of profanity):

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If You Ever Run An Ambulance

Keep a coat-hanger handy.

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An Airgun With A Story

Now that the seals are finally here and installed:

Sometime in the mid-nineties, a man was having trouble with his neighbors dog always taking a dump in his yard. He went to a, regrettably now closed, gun store to buy something to sting the bugger and prevent further dog mines in his yard. Not wanting the pooch dead, he bought a QB78 in .177″ to shoo it away. He removed the sights and installed a cheap 2.5x scope, even leaving the reticle crooked in his hurry.

A few days later, he was back in the store to return the rifle for some of his money back. “So, the dog hasn’t been back?” Asked the clerk.

“Uh, no…The fucking dog died…whoops”, replied the man.

My father was in the shop a few days later to ask about a pellet gun for me. The owner pulled out the QB78 and told him it was both accurate and pre-blooded. It was also cheap, being a used gun now. I spent the rest of the 90’s putting holes in everything I could and have left the scope canted just because…well, it seems part of the rifle’s story.

The QB78 is a “clone” of the old Crosman 160 that is so worshiped by crotchety old airgunners to this day. It takes two 12 gram CO2 cartridges, has a nicely adjustable trigger, and is a single-shot bolt-action. Did I mention that it is accurate? These groups were fired at a pre-measured 10 meters:

I traced the cap of a dry-erase marker and put in a center-ish dot for targets.

These two can be ignored for now. I had some trouble settling down with them and need to re-shoot this target.

The RWS Superdomes settled in at a .182″ group. I think I have found the rifle’s preferred pellet.

As you can see the QB78 is not very pellet sensitive. They are still available from Archer Airguns and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a CO2 pellet gun that has zero recoil, a pretty decent trigger, is easy to use, and as accurate as most people have a use for.

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On My Own

My next shift will be my first day out of training and fully in my new position on my own.


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