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Huh… Oddly Amusing

NSFW, for those of you who need to ask.



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No Content Today

Been busy at the lake with the kids, fishing, and cleaning up after the dumb dog.

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O2 Cylider Life, A Program

X = Current tank pressure in P.S.I.

C = Tank Constant

Y = Flow setting in LPM

Z = Remaining O2 run time in minutes


Let’s use the example of a D cylinder (Constant of 0.16) charged to 1600 P.S.I. on a patient at a flow rate of 12 LPM:

((1600-200)x0.16)/12 = 18.6bar

So, assume 18 minutes of run time.

Let’s see if the new program works:

I should just go buy a pocket protector, some wide-frame glasses, and a case of Mountain Dew, shouldn’t I?


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Nothing to see here but a man banging his head off a desk trying to re-learn programming on a TI-8x series calculator.


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Of Whipper Snappers And Old Men

Send two guys in their early twenties to a lake for catfish, and they will come back empty handed two nights in a row.

Send in one of their fathers, retired, and he will drop off a five-gallon bucket of catfish shortly after midnight at one of their houses.

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Little Things

A note in your lunchbox from a loving  woman: Makes even a rough day brighter.

A note from each kid in the same lunch pail: No matter what may have happened today, all is right, all is good.

As you were.

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Tom Waits – Dead And Lovely:

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