Curse You, Victorinox!

For discontinuing your original soldier model:

The original 1961 style Victorinox Soldier knife is one of my favorite blades. There is nothing pretentious about it, the setup is simple, and the design robust. You get a thicker than normal blade, can opener, two-position bottle opener, and a reamer all wrapped in a set of alox scales. The tips of the can and bottle openers double as small and large flat blade screwdrivers, respectively. The tip of the can opener can also be made to work with phillips head screws on occasion.

The knife is thin and can slip into just about any pocket and be forgotten. I carry mine in my back pocket, next to my wallet. The blade comes sharp and stays that way for quite some time. I have used mine hard for a year, and regularly for a few and have yet to feel the need to touch up the blade. I have also pried and cranked stubborn screws with the bottle opener and everything is still tight and clicks positively.

When I first picked the Soldier up in the store, I was a bit offput by the (then) thirty dollar price-tag. The little thing felt solid, and Victorinox had never failed me before, so I decided to make the investment. I am glad I did. I may like having a saw blade, tweezers, a button-hook, and what have you, but this Swiss Army knife is my favorite.

It really is a Swiss Army knife, by the way. This model was standard issue to all Swiss military recruits from 1961 until its replacement with the new model Soldier in 2008. The blades were stamped with their year of manufacture, mine being made in 07. The Soldier was one of the few knives left in the Victorinox lineup still fitted with the heavy-duty blade. Now that the military contract is up, there is no longer a use for that blade style, and it is being phased out.

You can still buy them in stores that have remaining stocks and on Amazon, but they will carry a price-tag the better part of forty dollars. However, they are on sale over at Amazon for $25.55 (with free shipping) right now. This is not an ad, just a very good knife, and at the price, I would suggest you try one. You could also feel adventurous and pick up the Farmer; which is simply a Soldier with added saw blade.

I’ll climb off my soap box now.

P.S. Dearest FTC,

I am not affiliated with either Amazon or Victorinox. I am merely, insane as it may seem, a happy customer of both companies. Amazon has always treated me well, and Victorinox makes a fairly priced and high-quality product. Neither company asked me to do this, neither company knows I have. In short, sod off you pusillanimous  bureaucrat wankers.

Forever Yours,

Butch Cassidy



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3 responses to “Curse You, Victorinox!

  1. Jake

    Just for the record, this is NOT the original Soldier knife; that was developed in 1891 and is very different. The one you’re referring to is the 1961 design. You can still by the Pioneer model which for the purposes of using it as a tool is identical. Also for the record, the new 2008 Soldier design is an awesome knife in it’s own right.

    • I would sell a kidney to get my hands on one of the original issue knives, but they go for a bit of a premium for these days. I do like the new Soldier well enough, but I’m not much for serrations. If it had a fine edge, I would be all over it.

      I do have a Rescue Tool that I carry when I work shift coverage on the ambulance that has the funky Victorinox serrations. I will admit that I appreciate the serrations in that setting, but still don’t have much use for them outside of work.

      Oh, manners. Thanks for dropping by, fellow SAK aficionado.

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