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High Speed, Low Drag Beretta

What? It’s a Cheetah, cheetahs are high speed…

While out picking up a Valentine’s day present for my increasingly well-armed wife, this little bugger caught my eye. Okay, fine, it was already on hold for me and I went to get it as well as the present. Anyway…

The cute little thing above is a Beretta 84 BB Cheetah. It is a simple alloy framed, blow-back, double-stack 13 +1 round 380 ACP with a DA/SA system sans decocker, but with a 1911 style safety. The sights are dot over half-moon like an M9, the trigger is serrated and very nice. No Bruniton here, only bluing. Take-down is identical to a 92 series weapon with the lever on the opposite side. The bore is pristine. On the inside of the dustcover, there are very consistent machining marks in a spiral pattern. In the right light, they are almost mesmerizing.

As I waited for my background check to clear, I rooted through the box-o-used holsters and came across a Done Hume H721 Double Nine open-topped holster molded for a “31BDA.” It fits the little 80 series like a glove, which is good because I really like the Double Nine holsters. The holster looks to have had a weapon inserted all of once with no other wear whatsoever. My guess is that the original owner ordered it for a squared trigger-guard FS style Cheetah and dumped it when it didn’t fit. Works for me, I got it cheap. I also grabbed a 13-round magazine for a Browning BDA from the used mag bin.

At the range the 84 proved to have a nice trigger-pull comparable to a Vz. 82, actually an identical size as well. The sights are tossing Blazer Brass a bit high for me, but it could just be me getting used to the half-moon sights that I have never used before, or the ammo. At any rate, the little bugger is very accurate and keeps a nice tight grouping. Recoil is decidedly sharp with very little muzzle rise, and a good loud report. When drawing from the little pancake holster, the safety will almost always un-safe itself when my thumb falls naturally to leather. If my draw-stroke is a little different, the safety stays on. Funky, but very intuitive, even for me. Speaking of the way it rides in a holster; it is comfortable and compact enough that you could almost forget you were carrying it.

Would I recommend this as a carry piece for someone? You bet. It may be the same size and capacity as a G23, but it feels great in the hand, feels more slender, and 14 rounds of 9×17 is nothing to sneeze at. I’ll stick with my G23, but I wouldn’t whine if the medium-framed Beretta was all I had.

Hey look, numbers:

  • Loaded Weight (full mag plus one in chamber) -One pound, thirteen ounces. Reload – 8 oz. Holster – 3 oz.
  • Compare to a Beretta 96 w/ 13-round magazine. Loaded – Two pounds, eight ounces. Reload – 11 oz.
  • And some pocket pistols.
  • Little bugger sure feels light, but it is surprising how heavy it actually is.

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Bluegrass Time!!!!

You do like bluegrass, don’t you? If you don’t, then you may not be welcome back here…

Jim and Jesse – Paradise


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Monsieur Murphy Says “Hi”

The boiler isn’t working, and the washing machine is on the fritz. I woke up this afternoon shivering and am now waiting for a technician to come pay me an expensive visit.

The post on the 84 BB will have to wait until tomorrow.

Life is good, but sometimes it is chilly and unwashed.

Update: The blower motor is junking out. It should be tweaked enough to last until a new one comes in. The tech. had no idea for a price off the top of his head. It could be anywhere between “no big deal” to “I could buy a Beretta 96a1 for that!’


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I Went Without Sleep To Go To Maine Yesterday…

…Catching up on it today to make up for it. Post this evening about the 84bb. Have your Beat Bar in the meantime.

Chuck Prophet – Doubter Out Of Jesus:

He played guitar in studio for Warren Zevon a few times. Cool.

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My Wallet Is Lighter Now

Just got back from the death-merchant where I picked up a belated Valentine’s day present for my wife:

Star Super B

My wife likes the look and feel of a 1911, SAO guns, 9mm Parabellum, and blued steel, and dislikes grip safeties. This gun meets all of her handgun preferences. Once we get some quality ammo, spare mags, and a new set of springs, this will be her new nightstand gun.

I’ll make a detailed post for this Spanish delight, but let me say that: it is very light recoiling, accurate, easy to field-strip, easy to manipulate, has a very very nice trigger, and feels great in the hand.

I got this:

Beretta 84BB

I have always wanted one of these blued Italian blow-backs, and now I own one. Again, it will get it’s own post in due time, but: it has a better than most trigger, recoil is sharp with little muzzle-rise, it balances very well, the sights are nice, the safety is easy to use (it may even need to be tightened up), and it is accurate.


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Steven Mead – Harlequin:

Whatever you do, don’t go to Youtube and read any comments to the video. Just pretend they do not devolve into a cursing rage for no reason.


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Let’s Say…

…That one of your old friends calls you and asks if he can swing by. You, or course, say sure; and the friend tells you that he can only stay briefly as he is pretty busy right now.

What do you do?

  1. Brew up some tea/coffee and enjoy a brief visit.
  2. Stand around talking until he has to leave.
  3. Bite off his head and whine that he insults your friendship by not being willing to hang out to all hours of the night.

The Turkish make fine coffee, and lokum is the best sweet snack ever, but they lack a touch of hospitality.

Hmmm… I have a good traditional rosewater Turkish delight recipe kicking around and I haven’t made any in a long time…

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