Gunny Holidays, The Third

After having been detained in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, my Christmas gift from a friend arrives:

Remington SPR-18 in 30-06. Which is a re-branded Baikal IZH-18MN. I love single-shots, be they pistols, rifles, or shotguns. Simple, rugged, and unpretentious, break-actions are the ultimate in the working gun class.

This thing is light, has a perfectly servicable (if far from amazing) trigger, very accurate, is light-recoiling, and balances well in hand. The barrel has a very cool spiral pattern that I am still wondering how the factory accomplished at low-cost. After firing a round, the action is very stiff and needs to be de-shouldered to open, but it will smooth well. No ejector on this puppy, extractor only, so you get to pluck the fired casing from the chamber yourself. The sights are fine (as in thickness), and actually very nice. Located right behind the trigger, the safety is very quick and easy to use. Some safeties in that location on other guns manage to be fiddly, so it is a nice touch. For the price, the wood is nice, having an actual grain to it, but is still nothing to drool over.

I think I have a new woods-bumming/moose-hunting rifle.

Oh, also, because I am a class-act and carry myself with dignity and grace; I am having it engraved Moosefucker Express. The friend who gave it to me told me that I have to once I jokingly named his most genrous gift.

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