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On my way home this morning, I had to stop for about ten turkeys pecking their way, slowly, across the road. I can neither confirm nor deny the brief urge to give them a twenty gauge pep-talk and toss the stragglers in the trunk for my supper.


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A Humble Beginning To A Not-So-Humble Collection

Here is the small collection of scotch stocked at the compound:


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It’s A Bird, It’s Plane…

I got a complimant from my supervisor this morning. My gruff, anti-social, curmudgeonly, laconic, fault-finding supervisor.

Like a comet, I think I will savor it, for I won’t see another for a long time.

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My grandfather served most of WWII as a truck driver in Uncle Sam’s Army. He came home healthy, married a beautiful woman, had a family, raved about the beauty of Italy, and never said much about his service in the war itself until he died.

I bought this Beretta 1934 today to remind myself of one of the greatest men to ever grace God’s green earth.

The outer finish isn’t the best, so I got this thing for a steal, but the bore and mechanics are perfect. It has all of the fascist markings: XX for manufacture tewnty years into fascist control, 1942 that is and RE for acceptance and issue by the Italian Army. It shoots great.

Thank you for everything grandpa; I know you weren’t much for guns, but I wish you were still around to fire this thing.

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No work tonight at either gig. What to do with my time?

  1. Bury my sister’s parents’ cat.
  2. Take the boy out for a couple of hours.
  3. Watch Ten Little Indians with my lovely wife.
  4. Sleep, in a bed, all night. Not work all night. Not get called by job 2, work a few hours, go to bed at some ungodly hour of the morning. Real, proper sleep.

Other than the cat thing, it is looking to be a very good day. See y’all tomorrow evening; there will be candy surprises.

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My wife made me a sandwich for my lunch last night. Nothing fancy, just turkey and swiss on bread. At 0300, I took a bite, and wow. One of the best turkey sandwiches I have ever had in my life.

That is all.

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If you have to take a leak on a mountain while it is -20 degrees farenheit and the wind is blowing, be sure of the ground below you. If you aren’t sure, you will instantly sink down to your hips is snow and have to swim your way out while the guy in the next tractor over laughs himself silly.

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