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Benjamin Luxon – Johnny, I hardly Knew’Ya:


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Bah Hum…Ooooh Shiny…

The good news: A new shiny thing comes in for me next week. It is estimated to be here on my day off*.

The bad news: A couple of days ago, the expensive power cord to the laptop died. I’m posting this from an old desktop that barely starts.

The ugly news: It is going to rain Saturday night. I want to use my snowshoes damn it! Work is also ugly in the rain.

* Day off, a literal day off. I’m on call with the ambulance all night.

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Gershon Kingsley – Popcorn:

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Quarter Ahf Tree In Da Morning…

The Art Of Noise – Peter Gunn:

Heh, Sherman tank-tops.

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Another Mystery

Have one more cryptic picture, just because I feel like it:

If anyone guesses what this is, I’ll be amazed.


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While I’m In A Random Mood

I keep telling you guys that I am easily amused, yet you visit anyway.

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What Is This?

I’m still taking a couple more days off from real blogging, so have a cryptic picture:

Feel free to try and guess what this is.

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