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Look, Hipsters

Tine Thing Helseth and Tango Trio perform Libertango:


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A Pampered Woman’s Guide Vol. 1

How to change your oil:

  1. Start car.
  2. Drive.
  3. Repeat steps one and two until something beeps at you.
  4. When little blinking light on the gauge display pesters you about some oil pressure nonsense, resume steps one and two.
  5. When motor bumps, grinds, and makes expensive noises, keep up with step two.
  6. When smoke billows from under the hood and the car dies, call your father.
  7. Once your father has given you a ride, he will have your car towed for you.
  8. Once the nice tow-guy is paid, your father will find you a nice used car.
  9. He will then drive you to the bottom of your fine state to see your new car before he pays for it.
  10. You must now insist that you won’t drive a used car, and want a new one.
  11. Your father will co-sign with you on a new car.

No, I am not familiar with anyone who did this. Also, the imaginary car with the blown engine was not itself a purchased-new replacement to one (also purchased new) wrapped around a tree while speeding on the interstate, in freezing rain. In fact, I pulled this whole story out of my ass, and my cousin the fictional character is not a spoiled brat.

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Well, This Is A Beat Bar

Korpiklaani – Vodka:

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Whiny Multiculturalists And Burning Crosses

“Napa should not have this powerful image as a part of its history to remember.”

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana

Racism existed then and exists today, this is a fact. There were members of the KKK in Napa, deal with it. Some would point to the art and discuss with their children that yes, these things happened, but they are not to be admired. These are lessons, we learn as much from failure and shame as we do success and glory.

What sort of children would we raise if we shielded them from every negative facet of history and life? How could they possibly be prepared to face the world not knowing how to handle the truth that life isn’t a perfect multi-culti wet-dream?

Never mind the fact that even despicable sub-human sods like klan members have a voice in society. 

No comment on whether or not I would slap “Have A Nice Day” stickers on the robes in the painting like the klan members in Blazing Saddles.



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More Brass

Prism Brass Ensemble perfoming Canzona Per Sonare No. 1:

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All Work And No Play Isn’t This Kid

Let’s assume that you were born into a wealthy family and grew accustomed to the high life. For the sake of this thought excercise, let’s also assume that you don’t want to work at all but do want really cool stuff. What would you do? This, evidently:

“Last week Nick Webber, whose father was a senior politician in Guernsey, pleaded guilty to a series of fraud offences and has been told he faces a lengthy jail sentence.” – Emphasis mine.

I assume his first words to police were, “Hey, my father always spent other peoples’ money, why can’t I?”

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Unkind As Any And The Wrath Of Many

The Muppets sing of Scrooge:

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