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The Real World

Real life has gone insane today. The youngest dog needs to go to the vet, the cats are rip-shit insane, a relative called for me to move a few hundred pounds of granite, and a load of wood to be bucked, split and stacked has arrived.

I will try my damndest to get the trumpet post up tonight, but it may have to wait for morning.


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He Looks So Comfortable With That Horn

Harry James – Concerto For Trumpet:

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The Mystery

I have a theory going that almost all of my traffic is advertising sites. In an effort to see how many actual people are looking at this site, I would like to make a request. If you are stopping by and reading this, would you please just leave a comment saying hi?

I have computer trouble today, so it seems like a good time to sort this out. Tomorrow we’ll talk about the trumpet I played all through school.

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He Took Little Susy To The Junior Prom

Warren Zevon – Excitable Boy:

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Public Service Announcement

If your kid likes to ride a bike, make sure she wears a helmet. She will still lose the argument with the car, but it will hurt less.

That is all.

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I Have Always Hated This Poem…

The Red Wheelbarrow
so much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white
- William Carlos Williams
...But I have to admit; it is well written.

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Don’t Do That! I Mean It! Stop! One More Time! Stop!

Once again, North Korea has committed an act of war and has gotten away with it. For a country that the U.S. and South Korea are at war with, we aren’t doing much to respond to this shit. Yes, that’s right, the Korean War never ended. The two sides just promised to stop shooting at each other by signing an armistice on July 27, 1953.

So, we have an enemy blowing up an ally’s citizens. We must be loading up the B-2 bombers and massing a battle fleet because, “leaders from around the world have joined Canada in reacting forcefully to the report’s findings and reiterating their support of South Korea.” What, we aren’t? Well, color me surprised.

Wait, since when does “forceful” mean, “wring our hands and bitch like a frustrated mother in a grocery store doing nothing more than say, ‘I’m warning you, one more time’ while her little bastard child pitches a fit”? I must have slept through that day in english class.

I can hear the voices of the peacenicks now, “Well, how would you react to a delicate and complex situation like this?”

Simple answer. Like this:

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