New style stainless threaded Mini-14 with A-Team folding stock and Rainier XTC to replace the birdcage and scout rail upper hand guard replacement. If I wasn’t buying a bike, my bonus would totally be doing this.

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3 responses to “Desire

  1. I like Mini-14’s, though I’m not sure if I’m down with the folding stock thing or not.

    On my dad’s, the handguard is pretty sloppy; would a railed replacement fix that somehow?

    • An Ultimak railed upper handguard would clamp to the barrel tight enough to mount a red dot, so yes. But then you have rail you may not use v0v I’d keep the original one if I didn’t plan to mount a micro dot because I am too cheap to care and the bottom is solid for my grip. Whatever floats your boat, though.

      And I only want the wicked cool ’80s folding stock and will take a fixed stock failing one. Because A-Team and really no other reason. The fixed stocks are even more comfortable, but my childhood concept of cool wins out.

    • Also, you need to post more Mini.

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