PA Micro: Initial Thoughts

Part one of what will be a long-term (or not if it buys the farm) review of my highly scientific single sample of a Primary Arms FB-MDGII. I will state right now that I bought the little bugger with my own money like a big boy and Primary Arms knows nothing about this review.



Initial Impressions:

- Seems solid enough
– Dot quality comparable to my Aimpoint PRO
– Glass tint is more blue than an Aimpoint. But just about as clear once a weapon light is fired up.
– Elevation/Windage/Brightness dial clicks positive
– The provided torx wrench is sloppy in the base screw and makes me want to slap whoever ordered it to pack with the sight. But it *can* be convinced to work with care, though it SHOULD BE THE CORRECT SIZE.
– Range time will see if it shifts, but it seems to mount far more securely than the janky UTG dot and Center Point dot I also have on hand for screwing with airguns. Note that I have not used either airsoft-grade dot for live fire on a ~real gun~ but have played dress up with them.
– Shipping was speedy from Texas to New Hampshire.
– Came with a spare battery. Neat.
– No picture of John Wayne competing in the biathlon included with my order as requested :( But I did get a note leaving me hope for the future, “Maybe next time!”

The Plan:

- My beloved Benelli MR1 is a spaaaaaaaceguuuuuuun range toy with sights low to the rail. Co-witness is not possible with anything and chinweld is unavoidable with anything higher than the iron sights. From past experience, I know the PA micro will cut off the lower ~3/8 of the rear peep and just barely allow the tip of the front sight into view. This should make the irons usable in a real pinch. Not that it matters beyond the fact I am a nerd. And the optic is small enough to leave me with an “AR with lower 1/3 co-witness” grade cheek weld. So the micro is intended to live on my fungun.

- The thought of replacing my Leupold FX-II on my Winchester ’94 with an Aimpoint H1 sometimes passes through my head. I will give the Primary Arms a brief howdy-do on the rifle to help decide if it would be THREE HUNDRED FREAKING DOLLARS better than my current setup before dropping coin.

- I plan to get a moderated 22 caliber nitro piston air rifle with picatinny rail for optic mounting and try the micro on that through the break-in period. Reverse recoil will kill it if anything will. Should the unit survive and the combo work as well as it should, I will order another one to leave on the gas piston as a go-to barn pest and errant tin can rig.

- I might, probably will…maybe pick up a lower 1/3 co-witness riser and try it out on my lightweight beater AR. If it proves worth the extra half pound, I might maybe grab another for that gun. Or a Vortex SPARC. Maybe. Iunno v0v

- If by some freak chance I wind up with three, I’ll report any issues or differences between them.

Special Note:

A friend once left an old style PA micro on his neglected and abused M17S trunk gun and it worked well for him. But I will say that I will not suggest a Primary Arms optic for any gun you may use defensively. Just because a unit or a few earn their owner’s trust, they crap out more than Aimpoints. Always on capability and earned reputation for trustworthy reliability out of the box are $300-500 better than Primary Arms. By the same token, I don’t think my friend was foolish and I won’t nag anyone who drags their personal unit through a rifle course to test out before trusting on a social rifle. Y’all are adults.

P.S. The lack of initial verdict, recommendation, or condemnation is intentional. I have not even used this thing in live fire, yet.


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2 responses to “PA Micro: Initial Thoughts

  1. I will also be curious about battery life (though like most other things, it’s a factor that’s pretty well overblown compared to real life)

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