Hey Mister Bluuueeeeeesuuuuuuun!

You should get a 15″ Diamondhead handguard to field-test for me because triangles are awesome:


There is a Cav-15 build halfway down that page sporting one.

And then you should let me know how it balances because it it looks neato. And looking spiffy is 99.99% of the point in buying anything firearms-related. Dooooooo iiiiiiiit.


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5 responses to “Hey Mister Bluuueeeeeesuuuuuuun!

  1. I’m trying to see–it looks like you have to go to a low-profile gas block…

    • And replace your barrel nut. A hacksaw and Mr. Dremel can turn your fixed front sight post into a rock-solid pinned low profile gas block, though. ;)

      Or just get an extended Mid-length Samson Evo and call it good.

      Or do what I would do in your place and get some Cavalry Manufacturing tapered mid-length clamshells and be finished.

      • I like my plain ol’ regular traditional front sight…

        • When the Russian Expeditionary Force kicks down your door while annexing Colorado in the name of free Russian speakers, you will lean too hard on your bed frame barricade, shift your P.O.I. enough to miss Ivan’s aorta, and he will take your head with an entrenching tool.

          Run a standard front sight base and YOU WILL DIE while your cattle burn and your crops are raped.

          *Has his fixed front mounted on his free-float tube fitted to a irons-only build and will also see a P.O.I. shift*

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