Not Enough Hours in a Day

Pack stuff, prep rooms in the new place, move stuff to storage, clear stuff out of the new place, work, homemade kimchi fermenting on the counter, the year’s 5-gallon batch of mead to plan and start, books to read before Halloween, cardio to fit in…

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Need Practice

My cottage loaf had some, err…issues…



But is delicious, nevertheless, in all of its misshapen and over-baked glory.

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- 2 ounces dry sherry. I used Drysack as it was all I had, worked fine and was inexpensive.

- 1 ounce sweet vermouth

- A couple dashes of orange bitters. I used blood orange bitters and was happy.

Shake with ice, strain into serving glass. The recipe called for serving over ice, but I think it would do just as well strained straight into a chilled glass.

It would be a good Christmas cocktail with the raisin/fig notes of the sherry, the spice and sweetness of the vermouth, and filled edges of the orange.


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Bring the Heat

Picked up a couple more bottles in my quest to re-build my hot sauce shelf.


Goya: Tabasco-level heat with a juicier and good pepper flavor while the vinegar plays in the background. A very good sauce that I plan to keep around and give out some bottles to get other people to try it. The price is fairly inexpensive, as well.

Veri Peri Veri Hot: Delicious oil/vinegar emulsion sauce. A good heat to wake up your nose and tingle your throat with a very good kick of garlic and lemon playing nicely with wafts of birds head chiles as the base and hints of mustard to round things nicely. I poured some into a saucer and am dipping carrot sticks in it; if only I also had some fresh broccoli. I’ll get my sister a bottle of the regular or hot and can’t wait to grab a bottle of the garlic for myself to try. Give this one a go and thank me later.

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New Thing






My INCOG did not appreciate the BB pistol being crammed in for a picture, but hey.

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Yet Again, Not Sure

The kids are out barefoot in the White Mountain region with shorts and t-shirts, building a faerie memory* house. Am I raising a brace of belligerent, cold-loving, New England anarcho-libertarian neo-pagans? Because The Boy went off about some law or other being dumb the other day and I do have a partial moose skull just chilling in the corner of the living room that the kids just accept as normal decorative flair.

* I complimented the faerie house and was promptly informed by my daughter that it was a memory house to hold memories of the property we are leaving and our lives spent on it. And that it will be taken to the new place and set up.


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Life Sucks and Then you Die?

Just finished Dies the Fire and will start The Road, tomorrow. Because in a time of MASSIVE, CRUSHING STRESS in my real life, a bleak apocalyptic world full of violence and death are apparently what I need to read…and, quite often, some Vonnegut…

Not sure what this says about me.

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