Nerves, Again

White Mountain Gran Fondo, tomorrow. Have not been on my road bike in a month due to busy schedule.

Going to rely on sheer belligerence to carry me through.

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Pew pew


Not a bad way to spend the morning.

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RAF Bombs Autobahn

Better late than never?

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Nothing Fancy


Stuffing: Rice, diced spam, sweated onion and green pepper, squeezed/diced zucchini flesh, black pepper, egg, grated Parmesan, hot sauce. Would have been better with hot Italian sausage as the spam got lost in it all. But I had spam and no sausage, so buggrit.

Sauce: Bay leaf, white wine, crushed tomato, pepper, red chile flakes, black pepper all simmered until reduced a bit. Then poured around the stuffed zucchini to bake, loosened with some water, and back in the saucepan to adjust thickness.

Zucchini salad: Jacques Pépin’s recipe from The Essential Pépin with red rather than white wine vinegar. A very nice spartan salad, but obviously call for the best zucchini you can lay hands on in order to work.

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Wanna Fight About It?

Have two stuffed zucchini in the oven. There is a can of spam involved. Go on, call me trashy.

As a side note, there is still so much zucchini, summer squash, and eggplant in my fridge from my father’s garden that I may have to make a third ratatouille this month to keep it from going bad. But one of the big zucchini is currently getting sliced to go in the oven to dry a touch and make into a zucchini and oil cured olive salad.

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Finally found a patently bad adjunct lager in my quest to better understand the joys of lagered beer.

Picked up a sixer of Landshark lager on a complete lark. Looking at the label at home gave me the impression that both good ole Buffet and A-B were involved. My impressions turn out to have been correct.

Let’s do a half-assed tasting:

Packaging – The worn-t-shirt-graphic shark fin is neat. The clear bottle is pure BOOOOOOOO! And deduct some more points for a twist cap.

Pour – Corona with perhaps a touch rockier head.

Nose – Uh…maybe a hint if grass, but mostly just generic vegetation. A tiny hint.

Palate – Adjunct sweetness. Faintly coats the roof of your mouth with a gentle syrupy feel and fuzzes your tongue. Hops? Hops? Hoooooooooooooopsssssssss?..No? Is there any barley in here? You just fermented a corn syrup solution, didn’t you? Although, even that may have a more complex flavor.

Finish – Short, thank deity. But the syrupy feels lasts a while. Not as bad as a Hi-C from the burger joint, but about as annoying. Actually, the Hi-C is a better drink to begin with and I never thought I would say that.

Final Impression: Want to pay too much for a fizzy yellow beer? Get a case of Corona. Not even lime can save this dreck. Want a better sweetish adjunct lager with the same idea for a far more reasonable price? Miller High Life, baby!

Notes: Never again. No forgiveness. No second chances.


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A guy with a group I took shooting brought a Hi Point carbine in 45 ACP. It was ugly and had a terrible folding vertical foregrip. And was topped by a legitimate Eotech, which I never thought I would see on such a carbine.

The VFG was properly mounted out toward the muzzle to use with a wrist-break grip, the trigger was nice, it ran fine, and was SO MUCH FUN to play pewpew commando popping clays at fifty yards. I actually want to clone the setup with a chopped stubby VFG and a TLR-1 for a cheapy rangetoy to bang around…

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