Eight small loaves of no-knead bread cooled and placed in a basket, one pot of white chili to load in the car, one large saucepan of cream of zucchini soup, one quart of rum-ed mulled cider, three quarts of soft mulled cider, and one 9×13 pan of no-knead dough given the focaccia treatment (docked with fingers and topped with salt, extra-virgin olive oil, oregano, and oil-cured olives) in the oven right now.

And that is just what I have made to bring to the family potluck. While a friend is grabbing a couple growlers from a brewery on the way to attend. Ought to be a good time.

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Feeling Spunky

I have a bit of demerera sugar and spiced rum (4-ish shots) I the bottom of a quart mason jar waiting for some cider to mull with orange peel, half a lime, cloves, cinnamon, a partial star anise, cardamom pods, Angostura bitters, a hint of demerera, cinnamon, and a hunk of ginger. Then Inwill top off the jar for a pot luck tomorrow as cider punch or sumesuch while the rest can go back in the jug to be reheated as soft mulled cider.


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A chicken poached in just enough water was shredded after the light stock it left behind was dumped into the bean/pepper melange. And now the meat is in the pot, as well.

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Wife-N-Kids Sick

Had to go on sick call to take care of them. So let’s play What is Butch Cooking?



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Care Package

Did some horse trading with another guy who was interested in some of my less-used hiking gear:







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Home for a night







Did not want to pack up and head back to a house, today.

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The Bedside AR with 30-round Pmag weighs in at 8lb 14oz. Fine, considering I have a lightweight beater and its lot in life is to lean next to the headboard.

But if I were to change anything:

- Ditch Surefire G2X for an Inforce WML with momentary switch. Use my current light mount. This would save me some muzzle-end weight.

- Replace the A2 flash hider with an A1. The A2 does nudge the muzzle down on each shot.

- 11″ Troy Alpha replaced with a 13″ KMR. May need a new light mount if I were to drop this hilarious amount of cash for no actual performance gain and small weight loss. Plus having to replace the barrel nut which is an admittedly minor effort.

But none of those gains are really worth the investment. The Inforce was not as bright as current models when I picked the Surefire and why spend another hundredbux on the gun? The KMR was not a thing when I picked the Alpha and an extra 2″ of handguard to lean on a barricade is meh for the price, as is the weight saving. And A1 flash hiders were sold out when I goth A2, but for the small amount of cash, will probably be ordered by next summer for my preference. And to hell with adjustable stocks; I have yet to meet one worth $>M4 stock which comes free with so many parts kits for my uses. And I like my fixed carbine stock, anyway which was worth the money to lose the M4 rattle.

Any cash not spent making small weight savings can buy ammo and whisky. Matter settled.

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