This Thanksgiving will be much simplified from usual plans:

- No homemade rolls, bread, or biscuits; they have been outsourced.

- Spatchcocked and high-roast turkey with compound butter rub under the skin.

- Sausage stuffing with plenty of sage

- Kale gratin

- Cranberry sauce, homemade

- Mashed neeps and tatties

- Pressure cooker butternut squash soup

- Chunky mashed leftover roast acorn squash

- No punch bowl :(

- One bottle of decent white wine

- No homemade pie. A tragedy, but the move is still a never-ending hell and I do not have time.

But, it will be a good Thanksgiving weekend with a friend home from Europe to take a hike and another back from Out of state for a bit.

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Change of Plans

Remember my plans to start tasting lagers of varying prices and do some taste tests? I have not forgotten, but realized I had much to learn and a orchards would be pointless and arrogant from a novice.

Since starting, I have probably started drinking as much, probably more, lager than ale. And I have been building some preferences within the bottom-fermented brew. It’s a fun ride and I still stand by my fondness for the High life/Genesee/’Gansett grade fizzy yellow beer. Sam Adams Boston lager remains my go-to when in the mood for a nice lager, and I have been having fun in the upper prices. But keep coming back to the bottom and middle shelves. Pearls before swine, perhaps, but the lower racks are easier on my abused wallet ;)

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Are fun. And you can wind up with a good number of them if you eschew financial responsibility hate money. But then you move and berate yourself for how much nerdy shit you have to pack up, load, transport, unload, and reorganize.

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Have gained ~15 pounds since August. The move has been a roller coaster from hell that refuses to end. The loaner truck sprung a transmission leak. Wife’s car got a flat at the other end of the county. Management at work is going completely spastic and pies in in labor’s Cheerios. Can’t fit cardio into my schedule. And I am not at all ready for Thanksgiving dinner.

But a great friend is coming home, wife and kids are going strong, and there is a loyal lab curled up next to me on the couch. I’ll get through it.


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My wife and I made a knockoff waterbox-o-truth a while back and used it to catch assorted bullets. It was fun and let me try to choke various hollowpoints with old Carhartts.

Earlier this month, I noticed that I can probably afford a block or two of visual defect clear ballistic-gel-stuff and maybe even a used or refurb digital SLR. My wife has approved purchase for personal use when the time comes.

You may also remember that I want to tweak this blog a bit in content and production value. So I am asking if there is any interest in my testing various serious/comedy loads in some different guns. With a primary focus on:

- Handgun load performance through denim across several barrel lengths in 380 ACP, 38 Special, 9x19mm, 40S&W.

- 357 magnum from 4″ and 6″ barrels because I have access to them.

- 223/5.56 load performance from 16″ barrels for my own curiosity. Probably starting with green tip to set my expectations for questionable utility ;D

- Random comedy heavy/light bullets I can force to fit in 30-30, 303, and 30-06 cases.

- 20/16/12 gauge loads from 18″ cylinder bore barrels. Especially some of the random depression-era and British crazy wax concoctions for a laugh.

- Check for yaw/fragmentation at close range in 308, 7.5×55, and 30-06

- Airguns! See what some pellets do across a power spectrum in 177, 20, and 22 calibers. And the classic reverse loaded wadcutter to make the skirt a gaping hollowpoint cavity. And every shoot will see the block’s calibration confirmed with a BB at ~600 fps.

- Plan to, say, photograph the naked bullet pre-firing because nerd reasons, run a mag into a target and/or over a chrono to check function, crank onus into gel and record results.

Now to the shameless begging high-headed arrogance survey of charitable readers.

This will not be cheap. Especially for a guy with two kids, pile of hobbies that should probably be left to those who make actual money, and is decidedly on a budget. I won’t be able to afford $box of random ammo$ on the regular to drive content and my budget will demand I stick with loads I fully intend to use, reducing variety. Should any manufacturer/vendor/reader be willing to donate a box of or even handful of ammo/pellets, shoot me an email as listed after clicking the snake in the upper left.

If I get enough interest to justify purchase of extra gel beyond my personal block, I will get a few to handle the shooty volume. And will get back to potential donors come spring when I am ready to begin. I have a handful of ammo set aside to last until other test subjects roll in. Any donor will be featured in a new Donors sidebar when I tweak the site in preparation and will be thanked (and linked if a manufacturer/vendor/blogger) in the post documenting the test.

This won’t be science, but I hope it will get more random and overlooked loads from perhaps less used calibers and barrel-lengths pumped into a consistent medium and document for internet amusement, dorkery, and maybe even to show someone on the ammo hunt an approximate performance expectation while shopping around.

Best case, I can get my hands on some neat stuff to generate content. Worst case, I bore you with a handful of loads I manage to drag out of a bargain bin at a gun shop now and then if there is no interest in shipping free stuff to an internet stranger :/

Anyway, thanks in advance for any consideration of support.

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All forty caliber and 180 grain. Left to right: Remington bulk pack JHP, Remington Golden Sabre, Winchester PDX1, and Federal HST.

No, I will not get cable and am fully capable of amusing myself in the most jejune exciting ways.

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New England in a Glass

My father just told my daughter and me about the terrifying dishes my grandmother would feed to him and his sisters when the tight money turned to no money at the end of eery month. But he was fond of the small glasses of warm milk mixed with a good dollop of heated molasses she would serve.

I, of course, promptly made a few on the spot and it is a belligerent dose of soothing New England glory on a nippy day.

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