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Too much pain for a belt gun



by | 26/07/2014 · 11:45


Lower back pain from hell. What say you, internet?

- Pop a couple ibuprofen

- Chug half a bottle of bourbon

- Continue to lie on my back, cursing every deity that comes to mind

- All of the above

- All of the above and chase the bourbon with a sixer of beer.

- Hot towel under my back

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Gonna Throw A Stick, Or What?


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by | 25/07/2014 · 12:23


We are moving to a new place in the next few months. A bigger, less efficient place. My grandmother needs ’round the clock care, so we will be annexing the top floor of her house and pitching in for bills.


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Pocket Dump: III?


Not pictured: Casio F-91W on my wrist. Cheap little bugger takes a pounding and keeps on ticking.


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New Plan

A small panel lager tasting is proving a pain to up together. I will just make up a tasting chart and review some lagers as I go.

On the list:

- Samuel Adams Boston Lager, one of my favorite beers and a go-to when out and the tap disappoints

- Session Lager, I hope, it is good and cheaper than Sam, but not in stock locally at the moment

- Kona Longboard, meh, I’d sooner save some cash and go for High Life. A shame considering Fire Rock is one of my favorite pale ales.

- Mama’s Little Yella Pils, very good, but very spendy

- Narragansett, it won’t kill you in your sleep, but it is decidedly cheap beer. I’ll give it a second chance for a written tasting, though.

- Miller High Life, bubbly bread beer is a favorite of mine on hot days

- Pabst Blue Ribbon, a solid quencher

- I may buy Natty Ice and some Beast just to say I gave this my all.

- Victory Prima Pils, a very solid beer, but I don’t tend to care for extra hoppy lagers.

- I’ve decided against inclusion of the trendy newish IPL. An intentionally super hoppy lager to play on the popularity of IPA just doesn’t seem like a reasonable comparison when considering the merits/demerits of fizzy yellow beer, the offspring of pale lager. Likewise, black lagers are out, despite their tasty qualities.

Feel free to toss in a suggestion for something reasonably easily found in New Hampshire. Now that the season’s first century is out of the way, I may have time to settle down and get typing on the subject.


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